Our Process

Davis Professional Services provides cleaning of commercial facilities to your standards.  We offer customizable janitorial service plans that are tailored to meet each individual site’s needs and budget.


Each client has the ability to choose the scope of work that best suits their company's needs.  Using the standard scope of work that Davis has constructed after years of experience, clients are provided the necessary tasks at the best pricing. WINTEAM is our state-of-the-art quality control software application that allows us to enter the clients' company scope of work and provide a reasonable price. Also, if preferred, Davis Account Managers will complete a walkthrough with clients to create a unique scope of work for the facility.

Budget Oriented

Using the clients' budget, Davis can create a scope of work to meet their needs and stay within the allotted amount.

Staying Local

As a client, each company benefits from the partnerships with local vendors that Davis has developed for over 25 years. Clients receive quality products and supplies at an excellent value.

Professional Staff

Prior to hiring, our Team Members are drug tested and background checked. Once on the team, each member is trained in house by our experienced supervisors and consulted on the expectations for each facility. Safety is a priority at Davis Professional Services and we want clients to feel secure. Also, this why each Team Member is provided a Davis shirt and photo ID badge to be worn while working.

Experienced Experts

Our Supervisors and Trainers have years of experience in their specialized skill set. Davis is staffed with trained floor technicians, medical field specialists and more. Even with their years of experience, Davis Team Members complete quarterly training to stay current and knowledgeable as the industry grows and expands.

Time Keeping System

Davis implements a service that allows us to monitor Team Members as they enter and exit each facility. this provides two major benefits for Davis clients: 

  1. It protects and maintains the security and safety of the facility.
  2. It guarantees that clients are receiving the cleaning services for which they have paid.

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