Trending in 2015 for Facilities Management

Facilities Management: Trends for 2015

The first month of 2015 has come and gone but it has brought much insight into the future of facilities management. Davis will highlight the 9 trends and where we are in regards to the learning curve for the facilities management industry.

Topping the list is “Upper Management Intervention.” Highlights are:

·       Outcome and results driven

·       Bottom line focused

·       Uses business intelligence metrics

·       Attracted to a menu of business solutions

·       Seeks operational efficiencies—most effective way to deploy resources

The first three bullet points are addressed with Davis utilizing the CleanTelligent web-based software program. Helping generate estimates for scopes of work by work-loading based on industry standards, CleanTelligent allows Davis to quote you a cost that is the most economical for the services requested. The software allows Davis to complete inspections and track successes and deficiency improvements by awarding a grade. CleanTelligent propels Davis to improve with each work order submitted by expediting our response and resolution times, also able to be tracked.

The next two bullets have in-house solutions. Davis will be expanding our list of services provided and will help find providers for those we are not currently offering. Still in the developmental phase, Davis is creating a Launch-n-Rescue Team. This team will launch new contracts aiding in a successful start and to fill-in through the evenings when a crew member must be absent from their location.

As we move further into the year, watch for updates on other trends and how Davis is staying with the curve for our industry!