The First February Nomination!!

Part 1:

We here at...would like to nominate Carl. I have never worked for a company that had a janitor show up dressed like he is going to church and take such pride in his appearance and his work. He makes it a point to  remember everyone’s Birthday and leave a card on their desk and goes out of his way to let you know he has it all under control. We are so thankful for him. How do I nominate him for a Bravo card?

 Thank you for listening. 

Andrea Gimm

And Part 2:

I just heard from my Boss that he truly appreciates Carl’s dedication to making sure that during Summer Hours and around Holidays that the building is clean and secure. (my Boss usually leaves and locks his door but on the rare occasion he is still here when Carl gets in to start cleaning , Carl always comes into the offices and straightens and asks if he can help in anyway. 

He is such a good person and a good man that we all smile when we speak of him.


Is it time to nominate YOUR crew member?