Did You See the Restrooms?!

Did You See the Restrooms?!

There are some areas of cleanliness that the public will overlook; however, the restroom is not one of those. A dirty restroom can turn current customers into former customers or prospects into…well, you get the idea. The top 4 reasons restrooms are considered dirty:



1.       Grimy, sticky floors

2.       Unflushed toilets

3.       Odor

4.       Overflowing trash cans

Other items that contribute to the overall impression of cleanliness—wet counter tops, outdated equipment, paper towels and toilet paper on the floor, empty supplies, and so on.

Is your current cleaning service provider maintaining the restrooms in a manner that reflects well on your company? Based on your public restrooms, would you do business with you? If you had any hesitancy when answering these questions, call 757-431-1344 and speak to an Account Executive. We would like to schedule a meeting with you to walk your facility. Let us share with you how we can create a plan of action to change those restroom impressions!