In November, Davis was invited to a showing of CleanTelligent and learned how the tools will not only benefit our company but our clients’ as well. Unsure of where the meeting would lead, our staff sat down entirely unaware of the journey we were about to embark upon.

Moment by moment, we learned how we can create a specialized plan of action for each client at each of their locations. We would also be able to monitor the satisfaction of that plan as our clients could take surveys as they desired. Work orders are only a mouse click away and would go directly to the Davis supervisor to have solved. Mobility was a huge selling point as the software could “walk the halls” with our clientele and our staff during inspections. Should there be an issue that is hard to describe, simply take a picture and send it to Davis. We were amazed at how connected we could be with each of our clients and our ability to customize services more easily to their needs.

Beginning in 2014, Davis will start utilizing CleanTelligent with our contract cleaning clients. It is our goal to have all current accounts equipped with the software by the end of February and new clients by March.